Our Staff



Bill Covington is the owner and founder of The Fretted Buffalo. He’s been a lover of the sound, feel, and smell of good acoustic guitars for going on 60 years! He talks a lot about that fist quality acoustic he bought with his farm work money back in 1967 - a Gibson Southern Jumbo from the locally famous music store owned and run by Art Kubera. After ‘straying from playing’ for a number of years, Bill started to get the acoustic guitar itch again more than 10 years ago and thought it would be a good idea to open up a shop offering top quality acoustics that can’t be found anywhere else within a day’s drive of Buffalo!



Doug Yeomans is our demonstration video guy! Doug has more than 4 decades of professional guitar playing under his belt. He keeps an active schedule of local shows as a solo artist as well as with a couple local bands that do bluegrass and a twangy Telecaster country thing! Doug also keeps an active teaching schedule, and can arrange for online lessons through The Fretted Buffalo.