Bourgeois L-DBO


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The L-DBO is larger than a 00, slightly smaller than the 000/OM, and designed with a 25” scale neck. Its relatively narrow upper bout imparts a distinctive wedge-shaped appearance, setting it apart from the 0/00/000 “gene pool”. As significantly, the L-DBO conceals two secret weapons: An unusually large sound hole for its size, and narrow, 1/4” top bracing which combine to produce unusual power and presence in such a small package.


Scale Length: 25”

Upper Bout Width: 10 1/4″

Waist: 8 1/2”

Lower Bout Width: 14 3/4″

Body Length: 19 5/16”

Total Length: 39 3/4″

Depth at Neck: 3 3/8″



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