Lowden S-32J Jazz Series Nylon Alpine Spruce / Indian Rosewood w/ LR Baggs VTC


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Brand New Lowden S 32 J ‘Jazz Series’ hybrid ‘crossover’ nylon stringed guitar with an Alpine Spruce top and an Indian Rosewood back and side set. Factory installed LR Baggs Session VTC pickup system.

Here’s what George Lowden had to say about this guitar:

“I designed the Jazz series with nylon strings and an internal pick up fitted as standard so that it would feel very comfortable for classical and steel string players alike. The neck has enough width to facilitate the nylon strings but at the same time the cambered fingerboard allows for a wide variety of playing styles. Voiced for a really great acoustic response, and at the same time stiff enough for loud volume to be possible without the whole guitar over-reacting when played loud through a sound system. The tone is very natural and full with none of the over bright tones sometimes found on too lightly built classicals. I re-designed these models in 2003 to improve the acoustic voice.”

Be sure to check out the demonstration video in the photo array, courtesy of our good friend Doug Yeomans! Call us with any questions you might have about this remarkable guitar!



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