Gallagher SG-50 Tennessee Adirondack/Sinker Mahogany


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Brand new Gallagher slope shouldered large soundhole Dreadnaught, model SG 50, with a Tennessee Adirondack soundboard and a set of Sinker Mahogany for the back and side set. Wow! We are the newest authorized dealers of Gallagher Guitars in the US, and we are excited to offer this powerhouse dread! Long scale, 1-3/4″ nut width.

We love Sinker Mahogany here at The Fretted Buffalo! It offers that strong fundamental mahogany sound, but with a little more overtone than a mahogany set that has not sat in the bottom of a riverbed for a few hundred years. A perfect blend to our ears! The large soundhole provides for more power, making this an ideal guitar for those who want their playing to be heard in a loud combo or a noisy room!

You’ll get a real good idea of how this guitar performs by checking out the demonstration video in the photo array, courtesy of our good friend Doug Yeomans!



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