Brand New Lowden Original Series 022 Jumbo Cedar / Mahogany


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he Fretted Buffalo has become an authorized dealer of Lowden Guitars, the world class builder from Northern Ireland! First up is this perfectly built O22 jumbo model, with a Red Cedar top and Mahogany back and sides. Maple binding, with purfling of Sycamore/Walnut/Mahogany. The O is the original Lowden body design, so we wanted to start with this one! We have had a personal Lowden the shop for years now, a nearly 30 year old 025 with a Red Cedar / Indian Rosewood combination. We can use this wonderful sounding instrument to show players what their Lowden should look and sound like many years down the road. Even with 10 year old strings, our Lowden 025 is spectacular!

This guitar seems to have been made for DADGAD and other alternate tunings! Rich, resonant sound with a strong fundamental tone and note clarity up and down the fretboard. Powerful, with what we call ‘cup of coffee’ sustain – strum a chord and go get a cup. It will still be ringing when you get back!

Please check out the attached demonstration video, courtesy of our good friend Doug Yeomans, and you’ll see what we mean!

Basic specs:

Nut width 1-3/4″. Long scale. Gotoh SG381 Tuners w/Ebony buttons. Contact us for any additional information you may need!





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