Furch Green Series 12 String Dreadnaught D-SR Sitka Spruce / Indian Rosewood


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Here’s a terrific – and unique – 12 string dreadnaught from Furch Guitars! Remarkably easy to play, its a well balanced guitar with lots of sustain. Sitka Spruce on top, with a fine set of straight grained Indian Rosewood for the back and sides. Of course, the neck is wider than a ‘standard’ acoustic, with a nut width of 1-7/8″. ‘Standard’ scale length of 25.59″.

This 12 string is unlike any 12 string guitar you’ve come across before! Here’s how Furch describes the unique design of the string configuration on this guitar ( be sure to see the photo of the bridge to see this):

“Because the angle at which each string passes over the saddle has a considerable effect on the sound, the angle must be the same for all of the strings. The solution typically used on 12 string string guitars, which uses two rows of six standard bridge pins, cannot achieve this because the angle at which the stings pass over the bridge is different for each of the two rows. Our proprietary solution features each of the main strings attached with a standard bridge pin, while each of the extra strings passes through a channel from the rear end of the bridge to a point behind the saddle that ensures that the string crosses the saddle at the same angle as the main string. This way, the string break angle is the same for each string, which translates into inform resonance properties for all 12 strings.”

Check out the Furch Guitars web site at furchguitars.com for a comprehensive explanation of all of the special design features on this guitar (and all other guitars built by Furch), such as the individually voiced top, the specially designed CNR neck system, the ultra hard and ultra thin tone-enhancing finish, and others!

Please be sure to check out our demonstration video in the photo array, courtesy of our good friend Doug Yeomans!


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